Selling is tough! Making sales is one of the hardest jobs there is. Why? Because the majority of people will tell you, they don’t need your product or service, don’t want it, and can’t afford it. And there’s no stock answer to that; no magic bullet that will turn a non-customer into a customer. However, if you are a small business owner or a sole trader, then you must find new clients and customers. You need to make sales to ensure your business survives, and is profitable and successful.

As a modern business person, you need to develop skills, knowledge, attitude and personal qualities to meet the greater expectations of your customers and their business.

This book addresses the qualities, knowledge and skills needed by a professional business person. It is primarily directed at those who have not been trained in sales, and are not particularly comfortable about selling. It examines the importance of attitude, sales psychology and basic sales techniques. It will show you how to get customers to come to you and motivate them to buy.
Once you have worked through this book you will have a better understanding of why people buy; how to be more proactive, influence decisions, become more persuasive and build lasting customer relationships

"Unless the man who works in an office is able to sell himself and his ideas, unless he has the power to convince others of the soundness of his convictions, he can never achieve his goal. He may have the best ideas in the world; he may have plans which would revolutionize entire industries. But unless he can persuade others that his ideas are good, he will never get the chance to put them into effect. Stripped of non-essentials, all business activity is a sales battle. And everyone in business must be a salesman" - Robert E.M. Cowie

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Alan Fairweather, The Motivation Doctor, is an International Speaker and Best Selling Author.

For the past eighteen years he has been developing the talents of Managers, Sales and Customer Service people and turning them into consistent top performers.

After training as an engineer, Alan moved into a sales career, selling and managing people in the Electronics, Industrial Supplies, Car Maintenance and Drinks Industry. A total of 23 years was spent in Sales and Management.

Alan has broad experience across many industries and runs seminars and workshops in the UK, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines for people in – Banking, Financial Services, Telecommunications, Hospitality, Retail, Real Estate, Pharmaceutical and Call Centre Industries

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