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How to get More Sales- 

                       Without Selling

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Discover how you can generate more business without having to cold call

A message from Alan 

"This book is a must for anyone who is finding 'Getting More Sales' for their business to be more than just a challenge.  This book is written with 'no jargon', and gives you the essential skills to master achieving 'More Sales'."  Debbie Gourley (IT Director) - West Lothian IT Training & Consultancy Ltd.

"An excellent guide for anyone looking to increase their sales.  This book offers concise advice, practical tips and dozens of examples in an enjoyable, easy-to-read style with plenty of useful links for further info" - Neil McRobb, Managing Director, McRobb Display

"Using only one tip from this book brought me five new potential  clients" - Martin Brown VP & Managing Director, European Operations WysDM software


"This book opens your eyes to a wide variety of opportunities to increase sales…many of which are opportunities we leave on the table just by not being thorough.  Alan covers many sales techniques you've heard of already but he goes the extra step to point out their significance and offers ways to put them into action!" -



Do you sometimes feel a bit uncomfortable having to “sell” your product or service either over the phone or face to face? Does the thought of “cold Calling” fill you with dread?

It’s a fairly natural way to feel, particularly if selling is not what you were trained to do. You’re probably extremely skilled at producing your product or service; however finding new customers sometimes presents a challenge.

How to get More Sales without Selling will show you how to get potential customers to beat a path to your door - to call you on the phone - to send you orders in the post - it’s about getting customers to come to you.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to run a small business or something much bigger – you know that you must find new customers if you're to survive and grow.

It’s inevitable that you’ll lose some customers often through no fault of your own. They’ll either leave the area, they’ll go out of business themselves or they’ll just decide to deal with somebody else.

As well as replacing lost customers, I’m sure that you also want your business to grow – so here are some of the things you’ll learn from - How to get More Sales without Selling:

      *      Why customer buy and what they really want

*      How to deliver exceptional customer service

*      How to choose a business name that people remember

*      Producing a business card that does the business

*      Producing a successful brochure that makes customers want to order

*      Developing a winning website

*      How to be expert at  networking

*      How to approach people and what to say

*      How to generate lots of “word of mouth” referrals

*      The best way to advertise your business

*      How to write ads for newspapers, magazines and Yellow Pages

*      How to write direct mail and sales letters

*      How to “use” the media

*      How to write a press release

*      How to become a sponsor

*      How to handle customers when they do come to you

*      How to get them to make a decision

*      How to deal with any resistance

This book is packed with practical things that you can do to – get customers to come to you . Lots of tips, techniques, skills and strategies that will bring you more business.

It also includes direct links to websites where you will find more information and books you should read.

It’s possible that not every section will be relevant for your business. However, even if you only used one or two of the ideas presented here, then your investment will have been worthwhile.

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This is a journal about a fantastic trip I made to California and about the things I saw and experienced. 

"Frankly, I have not laughed so hard at anything I have read for a long time." - Dottie Walters, President/CEO, Walters International Speakers Bureau -

You can phone me direct at: +44 (0) 131 315 2687 or email: You'll also find my postal address at the bottom of the page.

Who will benefit from this book?

This book was written for busy people who’re trying to balance the production and servicing side of their business with the marketing and selling side.

People who are very much aware of the need to find new customers, however find themselves totally involved in producing their product or service and getting it “out the door.”

These people are running small to medium sized businesses across all market sectors probably very similar to yours; such as – Accountants, Architects, Banks, Builders, Car Dealers, Caterers, Computer Hardware and Software, Dentists, Designers, Florists, Garden Services, Health Clubs, Insurance Agents, Mobile Phones, Office Furniture, Opticians, Photographers, Plant Hire, Property Management, Restaurants, Timber Merchants, Travel Agents, Ventilation Engineers, Welding Equipment – and everyone in between.

I was asked by some of the people who attend my seminars to produce a book with ideas, tips and techniques for finding more business without them having to go out and sell. They also asked me to recommend books they could read and websites to "check out." That’s why I’ve written – How to get More Sales without Selling. You'll also find it easy to dip into and get the information you need to build your customer base.

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And just in case you’re wondering who I am, here’s some information:

(It’s written in the third party ‘cause I’m too shy to talk about myself)

Alan Fairweather is a business development expert who, for the past twenty-seven years, has been turning “adequate” managers, sales and customer service people into consistent top performers.

After training as an engineer, Alan moved into sales and management and held senior positions in the Electronics, Industrial Supplies, Car maintenance and Drinks Industry.

He’s a qualified Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist (no, he won’t put you to sleep) and he founded his business as a Professional Speaker in 1993. He works with people and organisations to achieve business results through behavioural change.

Alan has broad experience across many industries and runs seminars and workshops for people in – Financial Services, Telecommunications, Hospitality, Healthcare, Property Management, Legal, Accountancy, Printing, Media, Computer Hardware and Software.

Results – That’s what Alan’s about and he’s committed to helping your business find new customers fast, lose fewer customers and win more sales from existing customers.

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Your business success is my business

Although I’m an experienced salesperson I find that the majority of my business comes from networking, referrals, customer service and  promotional activity. That's why I believe passionately in the methods described in this book and I want them to work for you. If you want to get better at these skills and learn many others

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I wish you every success

  Alan Fairweather

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